Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hello again. My hard day turned out to be an easy day as Ivy stayed home and Colby left at noon. My mom brought over some lunch and we looked at the new epicure products together. I am an Epicure Consultant and consumer (aka - I sell spices). It gives me a night out once in awhile and some great food. If you want to check out any info their web addy is http://www.epicureselections.com or you can call me for a catalogue. I should get the new ones tomorrow or Thursday.

I am now busy planning my own birthday party. Cam doesn't like to do this kind of stuff. I called the bakery for the cake and they asked what to write and I said, "Happy Birthday Kandace.", but then they asked my name. I didn't want to say I was ordering it for myself and I didn't want to lie so I said, "Cam will be picking it up." He owes me one now! JK. I hope the weather holds out so we can play Bocci (thanks for the Christmas gift Kelly & Kaarin) in the back yard. Cam already spray painted lines on the grass a week ago.

I have one other very important announcement. After 18 months of trying, I finally have a cherry pitter (thanks again Kaarin). I am very excited to make some Vareniki as soon as the cherries are out. It is a family favorite passed down from Cam's Gramma. Hope your day is going well.


At 3:17 PM, Cam said...

Hey, I may not have ordered the cake, but I did drop Mentos into Diet Pepsi for entertainment - that's true love!

At 10:57 PM, Melissa said...

The birthday party was great, as well as the mentos experiment! It went over better and better as we perfected it hehe...

Ivy will be coming to your dayhome soon, I hope she will fit in with all the others! (I know she already loves Kylie and Kennedy so that's not a problem). I can't believe she's going to be a year soon...but anyway, back to some Carcassonne (new game addiction)


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