Thursday, May 04, 2006

Garage Sale Deals!

Saturday Cam and I took the girls garage sale-ing. We wanted to find some outdoor toys for the kids and we are always on the lookout for strange deals or finds. We started at the Cypress Center where they set up a bunch of garage sales. There wasn't much there but Cam got a putter for $1 and we picked up 3 kids computer games and a wooden children's sled for $13. Not too bad. After that we hit about 9 more and came up with the following:

1. A toddler bed, mattress, wagon and 2 car garages $23
2. A gas pump, dump truck, chalkboard/easel and electric race track $18
3. Two wigs and fake rabbit fur $3

I can't remember what else so I'll update you all later.

I also celebrated my 27th Birthday last week. I was very blessed by all my friends and family. We had a backyard barbecue and everyone brought salad and we had a good time. There were 8 kids (7 girls and 1 boy :)! ) Well, I am tired of writing for now so I will get back to playing Carcassonne with Melissa!


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