Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Baby News!

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we are now expecting our third child (due March 27th). There is a ticker above that lets you know how far along we are and how far we still have to go! Keep checking back to hear the latest news.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Manitoba Trip 2006 - I was blessed to be able to travel to Manitoba with the girls this July. It was a long 9 hour drive both ways but the kids were great. I had the help of my Mother-in-Law to drive from Yorkton to Swan River and back so that made it a little easier. It was nice to relax in the peaceful country. This was my first visit to Pretty Valley in the summertime. We had a lot of fun playing in the sandbox, riding Grampa's wagon and eating fruit and vegetables from the garden. I gained 5 lbs on fruit and cream after every meal!

Here are some pictures of our adventure...

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the girls.

Kylie and Kennedy love to dress up. Kennedy is wearing a panda suit of Rob and Melissa's and Kylie is in a bunny costume.

A fun day at Echo Dale park.

Canada Day 2006 - I know these pictures are late but enjoy anyway.

Here is Kylie in a race for kids 5 and under. She won a loonie $1!

Some cute smiles after cotton candy.

The girls playing soccer with our exchange student from Korey (from Korea).