Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good Day to everyone. We had a fun morning here with Gramma Hart. The girls have been playing like crazy and loving having her here. We were able to go to the doctor today and hear the baby's heartbeat (It was a quick 160 bpm which is good). We are now getting ready for our departure on Thursday and are looking forward to sharing our pictures when we get back. Have a great week and think of us basking in the 30 degree caribean heat :)!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hello again! Not much news happening yet. Cam and I are working on our house this weekend in preparation for the Hart's visit and our cruise! We finally put up some pictures and blinds after living here for 14 months. We are flying out of Calgary on Thursday and returning in a week. I am sure the girls will love having Gramma and Grampa all to themselves. Hopefully the rain and wind go away so we can enjoy the rest of our summer.

We are very excited about our doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I will be able to hear the baby for the 1st time! I can't believe it is 13 weeks already. Time to get back to house cleaning and preparations :).