Thursday, February 01, 2007

Baby Update - February 1st, 2007

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and all is well. It looks like baby is measuring just right for his age and his heartbeat was really fast - 150 bpm (probably due to the Pepsi I drank on the way to the appointment). I am more healthy with this baby than the other 2. No need to watch my blood pressure or sugar intake which helps me feel ok about craving Kit Kat bars :). The last official due date we were given was April 1st which would go with all the other holiday birthday's in the Hart family - Christmas, Rememberance Day, Groundhog day. We are looking forward to the arrival of our little man but are happy to wait until he is ready. He is appoximately 3.5 lbs and 14 inches long right now.

Last night we celebrated Cam's 31st Birthday at a pasta restaraunt called D'Carlo's. It was a quiet evening with Mom & Dad R., the girls, Curtis, Rob, Melissa, and Rob's mom Pat. Very tasty! Kylie sang "Happy Birthday" to Cam and gave him a big hug. It was a lot of fun and thanks to my parent's and Kendall all the cards Cam recieved for his birthday have been themed around farting! Here's to another good year ahead.