Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Family Update...

We had our one week checkup and Christian is doing well. He was 7lbs 4oz when we left the hospital and up to 8lbs 2oz a week later. He was 18.9 inches at birth and 19.7 a week later. No wonder he has been sleeping so well!

The girls have already adjusted to having him around and are a big help with diapers and holding him.

Cheddar was becoming very jealous of the time I was spending with the baby and making everyone's life here difficult so we decided to send him to a friend's farm about 45 minutes out of town. We have scheduled a visit during branding on my birthday (April 28 - presents welcome!) to see how life as a barn cat is going.

Cam has been working hard on his "War Room" and it is looking good. I will be happy when that is completed. He has also started playing hockey with a British team about once a week. He still hasn't changed one of Christian's diapers.

I'll post some new pictures soon.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Well, it has been almost a week and things are going really well. Christian is fitting easily into our family and the girls have settled down a little bit. I am slowly learning to manage life with a feeding every 3 hours which is quite difficult at times :). Here are some photo's of all the kids when they were born. They look amazingly alike.




Monday, April 02, 2007

We're Home!

We were able to come home from the hospital this morning. Christian has been doing really well - lots of sleeping and eating. Kylie and Kennedy are happy to have their brother home and didn't really miss Mom thanks to Gramma. Here are a few photos to keep you up to date. Just click on them to see a better version.