Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Favorites from 2006 (Don't forget to click on the pictures to see a bigger version if your interested).

Here are a few pictures of our leaf raking day. The girls ended up watching a video inside while Daddy worked on the bathroom (yes it is almost finished :) ). There were 17 extra large Hero bags of leaves from the front yard alone. Cam and Kennedy finished out back a few days later.

This is one of Kylie's pictures. She loves to use the camera!
Here are Kylie, Kennedy & Gabby after buiding our 1st snow-woman of the year. Her name is Sarah.

Just a few more cute ones and I'm done. Come check back again for more later.

Kylie's 4th Birthday, January 18, 2007 - Ahoy!

Arg! Kylie celebrated her 4th birthday Pirate Style. With a heart and crossbones for her flag we searched for clues that lead us to the hidden treasure (in the bathtub). Of course we had to pin the X on the treasure map and a few scallywags had to walk the plank by the sharks along the way but we eventually found the booty! Thanks to everyone for all the great gifts and fun times. See you next year Matey!

New Room - December 23, 2006

We decided to give the girls a new bedroom for Christmas this year. We moved the office to the basement and made a day trip to Ikea in Calgary for the furniture. The girls were very excited about their new big girl beds (bunkbeds) and Kylie loved her butterflies. Cam and Curtis worked together to make all the vinyl bugs at Speedpro signs (thanks Ernie!). It is nice to move a lot of the toys out of the living room and have some place for the girls to play on their own.

Christmas Photos 2006

This Christmas we had the pleasure of celebrating 3 different times. Our first gathering was with Rob, Melissa & Ivy. The girls had a blast and Kennedy now sleeps with both Big Shine Bear (from Hozacks) and Little Shine Bear (from Gramma R).

We celebrated Christmas Eve and Day at my parents house with Kris & Rae. The girls were excited as we moved their toddler beds to Mom & Dad's and they have their own room there. Cam and Kris convinced Dad to let us open our gifts Christmas Eve and we had a great time. Thanks for the blender Kris & Rae! Most of these pictures were taken by Kylie who fancies herself as an amature photographer now :)!

Our final celebration took place in January when Cam's parents were able to come and visit. We had a lot of fun relaxing and the girls loved baking with Gramma and playing whistle game with Grampa. I still have to attempt Kylie's favorite recipe - Scuffles.

Kennedy Turns 2! October 27, 2006

We celebrated Kennedy's second birthday at our house. It was a fancy dress up party where the kids could come and wear costumes. We also decorated 2 cakes and 24 cupcake cones with gummy life rafts and Teddy Grahams. As usual, Kennedy liked to be watching the action instead of participating (except when it was time for presents).

October 31, 2006

Here are our photo's of the Light Party at our church (aka-Halloween). The girls had a great time dressing up as fairies underneath their animal costumes. Here are a few pictures of the event our church held for any kids in the neighbourhood.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hi Everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. I have lots of information and pictures to put up tomorrow (once I resize them), but I thought I would put a link to some of our cruise photos. You can check them out at If you want to see the descriptions you will have to look at the main page or you can just see the photo's by clicking slideshow.

I have birthday photo's and news for both the girls as well as Christmas pics and so much more. See you in the morning.